Mule Deer & Coues Deer

About The Hunt

December–January, Annually

Embark on an unforgettable hunting experience in the Sonora Desert with Muy Grande Outfitters. With multiple ranches spanning 80,000 acres, you’ll have access to México’s finest mule and Coues deer hunting grounds. Your day begins with morning glassing from a strategic viewpoint, followed by potential shifts to the high rack as deer movement slows during midday. Choose between spot-and-stalk hunting or sitting near water sources in the afternoon. These free-range Coues deer generally measure between 95″ to 110″, with impressive annual trophies exceeding 125″. For the legendary mule deer, anticipate remarkable sizes ranging from 170″ to 185″, with numerous trophies over 200″ claimed each year. If you tag out early, you can return to the cozy ranch and savor delicious traditional Mexican cuisine. Alternatively, near Hermosillo, experience exceptional dove and duck shooting. Book your unforgettable deer hunting trip in the Sonoran Desert today.

Pricing Details

Mule Deer: $13,950 1×1

Coues Deer: $5,600 1×1

Mule/Coues Combo: $17,500 1×1

Coues deer can be added to any mule deer hunt on a trophy fee basis of $4,000



License & Tag(s) Cost


License/Gun Permits

Mule Deer: $750

Coues Deer: $650

Combo: $950


1×1 guiding, airport transfers, in-field transportation, in-field trophy care, lodging, meals


Airfare, gratuities, license, personal items, taxidermy


*All transportation to Hermosillo is by air; direct flights available from Phoenix, Arizona

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Hermosillo around noon and we’ll transport you to camp

Day 2-7: Hunt, depart camp the night of day 7

Day 8: Depart from Hermosillo around noon

Hunt Style

Physical level: Easy to moderate

Approach: Spot-and-stalk, high-rack